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Application of aluminium nitride refractories

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Aluminium nitride is a compound of nitrogen and aluminium, the chemical formula is AIN, hexagonal crystal system. The colour is light blue or green. Mohs hardness 5. The theoretical density is 3.26g / cm. The sublimation decomposition temperature is 2450C, the thermal conductivity is high (0.072cal / (cm · C)), the expansion coefficient is 6.09 × 10 ~ / C, the thermal shock resistance is excellent, and it can withstand the rapid cooling and heat of 2200 ~ 20 ℃.

AIN may be oxidized at 800C, so you need to pay attention to it as a refractory, but it has excellent oxidation resistance around 1300C. The higher the temperature, the faster the oxidation due to the cracking of the protective oxide layer. AIN is not easily wetted by liquid copper, aluminium, or lead. It is very compatible with AI2O2 and can form y-AION at 1600C. y-AION is Sialon (Sialon), chemical formula 3AIN · 7ALO2. The mechanical properties of 7-AION are similar to AIN, and its chemical resistance is better than AIN, which can make AIN-based refractories."-AION thermal shock resistance is better than refractory oxide materials such as ALO3 and MgO, and its corrosion resistance is better than non-oxide refractory metals such as SiC and Si, N, etc.

AIN is readily hydrolyzed. The dielectric constant is 8.5. The resistivity is two × 10 "Q-cm, which is an excellent electrical insulator.

As an application in the field of refractory materials, AIN materials can be used to pull and draw single crystals of Group IV and N elements. AIN bricks can be used to line metal refining furnaces, and AIN can be used to make immersion thermocouple sleeves for the metal bath.
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