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Industrial uses of silicon carbide

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1. Refractory design materials and corrosion resistance and materials-different silicon carbides have high melting point (decomposition degree), chemical learning inertia and thermal vibration resistance, and can be used to make abrasive tools, ceramic cultural products and sheds used in firing kilns Plates and saggers, silicon carbide bricks for vertical distillation furnaces in the zinc smelting industry, aluminum electrolytic cell linings, crucibles, small furnace materials and other applications of nano ceramics and their products.
2. Abrasives-silicon carbide with chemical stability and certain toughness. It can be used to manufacture silicon carbide bonded abrasives, coated abrasives and non-abrasives, so as to process glass, ceramics, stone, cast iron, cemented carbide, Titanium-based alloys, high-speed steel cutting tools and grinding wheels, etc.

3. Chemical industry-It can be used as a cleaning agent to smelt steel and cast iron, and it can be used as a deoxidizer for steel-making structure changers. This generally can use low-purity silicon carbide to reduce costs. Also used as a raw material for manufacturing silicon tetrachloride.

4. Electrician-used for heating system components, non-linear resistance components and high semiconductor composite materials. Heating elements such as silicon carbide rods (applicable to various electric furnaces at 1100~1500℃), non-linear resistance elements, and various lightning protection valves.

5. Others-formulated into far-infrared radiation for coating or made into different silicon carbide silicon plates for far-infrared radiation and dryers.
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