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What Do You Know About The Basic Knowledge Of Niobium Carbide?

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Niobium carbide, CAS number 12069-94-2, molecular formula CHNb, molecular weight 105.925, is a gray-brown metallic powder, it needs to be sealed at room temperature, cool and ventilated, and used to produce wear-resistant films and semiconductor films. It can also be used as a raw material for the production of molybdenum carbide. It can be used to manufacture chromium-free special alloys and engineering ceramics.
Physical data
1. Properties: gray-brown metallic powder with a combined carbon content of 11.45% (mass fraction) and a purple luster. 

2. Density (g/mL, 25℃): 7.7

3. Relative vapor density (g/mL, air=1): 8.47

4. Melting point (ºC): 2300

5. Boiling point (ºC, normal pressure), boiling point (ºC, 1mmHg), refractive index, flash point (ºC), specific rotation (º), auto-ignition point or ignition temperature (ºC), vapor pressure (20ºC), saturation Vapor pressure (kPa, 60ºC), heat of combustion (KJ/mol), critical temperature (ºC), critical pressure (KPa), logarithmic value of partition coefficient of oil and water (octanol/water), upper explosion limit (%, V/V) , The lower explosion limit (%, V/V) has not been determined.

6. Solubility: soluble in a mixture of nitric acid and hydrofluoric acid, insoluble in acid and water. 20. Lattice constant a=0.447 nm 21. Modulus of elasticity 338000 N/mm222. Coefficient of thermal expansion 6.65×10-6/K 23. Thermal conductivity 14 W/(m·K) 24. Heat generated-140.7 kJ/mol 25. Specific heat capacity 36.8 J/(mol·K)26. Resistivity 35 μΩ·cm.

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