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Preparation Method Of Nickel

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Nickel is a transition metal element with element symbol Ni, located in group VIII of the fourth period, with atomic number 28. Nickel is a silver-white metal with good mechanical strength and ductility. It is insoluble in water and has strong corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis, but it is easily soluble in dilute nitric acid and aqua regia. High temperature resistance, melting point 1455 °C, boiling point 2730 °C. The density is 8.902g/cm³. It can be used to make currency, etc. It can be plated on other metals to prevent rust.
Nickel sulfide smelting
The selection of process flow depends on the type of raw material, composition and product requirements. Most of the sulfide ore is made of matte smelting, that is, various nickel sulfide ore is smelted into low-nickel matte using different pyrometallurgical processes, and then the low-nickel matte is converted into high-nickel matte, that is, an alloy of nickel sulfide and copper sulfide. . The high-nickel matte is then subjected to different refining methods in nickel refineries to produce different nickel products.
Nickel sulfide ore can also be smelted by hydrometallurgy, but only in some factories.
Nickel oxide ore
For nickel oxide ore, crushing, screening and other processes are often used to remove large base rocks with weak weathering and low nickel content in advance. Since the nickel in the nickel oxide ore is often dispersed in the gangue minerals in a similar manner and has a very fine particle size, it cannot be enriched by mechanical beneficiation methods and can only be smelted directly.
Introduction to Nickel Oxide Smelting
The smelting and enrichment methods of nickel oxide ore can be divided into two categories: fire method and wet method. The former can be divided into sulfur smelting, nickel-iron method and granulated iron method; the latter includes reduction roasting-atmospheric ammonia leaching method, high-pressure acid leaching method and so on.
Nickel oxide ore does not occupy an important position in my country. Only Yunnan Mojiang Gold Factory and Yuanjiang Anding area have certain reserves. By design, the mine adopts sulfur smelting (reduction roasting) better than ammonia leaching. But in general, the ore grade of this mine is low, magnesium is high (MgO 15%-30%), refractory, fuel consumption is large, transportation is difficult, and it is currently difficult to put on the construction schedule.

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