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Installation improvement of thrust ball bearings

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Thrust ball bearings are divided into one-way thrust ball bearings and two-way thrust ball bearings according to the force. One-way thrust ball bearings can bear one-way axial loads, and two-way thrust ball bearings can bear two-way axial loads.
Thrust ball bearings cannot bear radial load, and the limit speed is low. If it bears loads in two directions, two-way thrust ball bearings or one-way thrust ball bearings must be used in pairs. Due to its wide market circulation, in some four- or six-high cold rolling mills below 850, the auxiliary bearings of the middle roll or work roll are selected as thrust ball bearings to limit the axial movement of the rolls.
1.Avoid mixing
First of all, although the outer dimensions of bearings of different brands are the same, the rolling elements and the raceways of the shaft ring seat do not match, and it is strictly forbidden to exchange and mix them;
Secondly, bearings of different batches of the same brand are also strictly prohibited to be interchanged, because the internal structure will change the number or diameter of rolling elements due to different batches;
If emergency pre-installation is required under special circumstances, the following dimensions must be the same, and the error of each dimension should be ≤0.03mm.
The diameter of the rolling elements is the same, the outer diameter of the cage is smaller than the outer diameter of the shaft ring, and the difference between the thickness of the cage is less than 1.5mm.
After assembly, it rotates smoothly without jamming and interference.
2. Shaft ring coordination
At present, the installations are all seat rings, mainly because the theoretically designed shaft ring and shaft have an interference or small clearance fit, but in actual use, it is difficult to achieve the purpose, and it is often difficult to install. , While using the seat ring at the same time can achieve a large clearance fit, to achieve the purpose of quick assembly and quick unloading, but it does not meet the actual use requirements easily to cause the outer diameter of the bearing seat ring (acting as the seat ring of the shaft ring)
Wear with the outer diameter of the box, causing the bearing to lock in severe cases. According to actual use, the problem of quick disassembly and assembly should be solved as follows:
According to actual needs, increase the inner diameter of the shaft ring and make the shaft ring and the shaft have a clearance fit. The recommended tolerance of e6 can not only solve the problem of quick installation and quick unloading, but also avoid the excessive clearance between the shaft ring and the shaft. Diameter and box body wear problem.

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