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The highest quality rolling bearing mark-SKF

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On January 31, 1989, the investment review committee passed the investment case of SKF Group's Taiwan subsidiary SKF Co., Ltd. On February 18 of the same year, it obtained the profit-making business registration certificate and immediately established branches in Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung. Set up a central warehouse in Mie, responsible for the distribution of goods. The company's sales system is integrated into the computer system designed and planned by the headquarters to provide quick and correct services. We sell bearings, oil seals, and related products produced by the original SKF factory in Taiwan, with the goal of providing customers with fully satisfactory products and services.
Customer crowd
SKF's main customer base comes from manufacturers in the steel industry, paper, cement, plastics, and various OEMs. In addition, SKF Taiwan also provides the following technologies to customers: technical consultation and bearing selection, bearing maintenance, bearing assembly/processing, and technical training. As for the company’s future prospects, it will transform from a bearing supplier to a diversified company integrating linear slides, oil seals, lubricants, remote detection, system maintenance, etc., and has successively worked for many domestic companies to successfully design and develop various types Axis, from design and development, manufacturing and assembly to operation measurement or maintenance equipment can provide customers with complete services.
Excellent service and quality
In addition, in order to create customer value and provide the service level of customers in the Taiwan market and establish a model of bearing service, the implementation of a full range of services allows customers to rest assured that their machinery is running. Distribute its well-trained technical service group in North, Central and South, provide bearing application engineering knowledge and technical lectures and bring customers the most advanced bearing selection software, assembly and disassembly maintenance tools, monitoring equipment and technical consultation, online dynamic balance, The laser is centered, and even the whole plant maintenance solution to reduce the loss of equipment downtime in the whole plant. And using global computer network technology to quickly and effectively provide customers with a full range of services, these are our guarantees for continuing to maintain the industry's first service and quality first.

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