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Preparation and application of amorphous boron

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What is amorphous boron?
Amorphous boron is a kind of odorless dark brown powder. It is an inorganic material in the amorphous state of atoms. It is stable in the air at room temperature, and can be oxidized when heated to 300℃, and ignite when heated to 700℃.
How to make high purity fine amorphous boron
Amorphous boron production method are many, mainly include the molten salt electrolysis method, diborane pyrolysis, boron halide hydrogen reduction process, but these methods can't extract high purity fine the amorphous boron , in order to extract high purity of the amorphous boron powder, we get reduction by self-propagating magnesium thermal reduction reaction, and the reduction product high purity hydrochloric acid leaching after produced subtle amorphous boron.
What are the application fields of amorphous boron?
Amorphous boron is widely used, mainly used in metallurgical new material synthesis and high-tech aviation, aerospace and other fields: also used as an initiator of automobile airbag. Amorphous boron is more active chemically than crystalline boron. Crystalline boron is so hard that it is often used in place of diamond to make cutting tools or drills. A small amount of boron is added in the process of metal smelting, on the one hand, as a deoxidizer to prevent metal oxidation at high temperature; On the other hand, forming alloys improves the mechanical properties of metals.
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